Waste Services

A complete waste service

From contaminated soils to laboratory waste, you can count on W.A.S. Ltd to safely dispose of all your waste materials. Based in Lowestoft we serve Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. 
packaged waste

Drummed and Packaged Waste

The vast majority of hazardous waste produced and moved in the UK is contained in 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBCs
Fluorescent tubes (Intermediate Bulk Container). W.A.S. Ltd provide a comprehensive collection and disposal service for all packaged wastes from lab smalls to IBCs
Fluorescent tubes. We also offer a wide range of containers for the safe storage and transportation of wastes.
Bulk liquids / Powders storage

Bulk liquids / Powders

For larger volumes of liquid waste, we recommend onsite storage systems such as tanks, pits, sumps or even drainage systems such as oil interceptors. We can provide a range of tankers with capacities from 4500 litres up to 28,000 litres to carry wastes from dirty waters to concentrated acids. Some tankers can also be provided with on board jetting equipment to wash down, clean or simply assist in the removal of the waste.
Contaminated soils

Contaminated soils

With development land being sold at a premium price, re-development of brownfield sites are increasingly more common.
W.A.S. Ltd can assist with the investigation of contaminated land as part of our consultancy service and also dispose of contaminated soil materials.
Laboratory waste

Laboratory waste

Whether it’s the disposal of a 100g of sodium you need or a full laboratory clearance, W.A.S. Ltd can dispose of all laboratory smalls, washings and even a majority of radioactive sources.
Aerosol cans


Most aerosols contain flammable gases and liquids and remain hazardous even when empty. W.A.S. Ltd offer UN approved vented drums for the safe storage and transportation along with final recycling and disposal.
Paints and solvents


Paints can be water based or solvent based and both, being liquid, cannot be disposed of with general wastes. W.A.S. Ltd can collect and dispose of all types and quantities of paints. 
Batteries and oils


The Battery Directive requires batteries to be recycled, we offer storage containers and recycling routes for all types of batteries.


Crop assurance schemes require the disposal of waste agrochemicals via official routes (pesticides / herbicides).  
W.A.S. Ltd collect small and large quantities of agrochemical wastes for high temperature incineration and provide a fully auditable paper-trail to demonstrate correct disposal.
Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes

In our specially manufactured heavy duty plastic storage coffins, your fluorescent tubes will be safe pending collection and recycling.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment waste

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The WEEE directive requires waste electrical and electronic equipment along with any associated peripherals to be segregated for recycling.  W.A.S. Ltd can collect and dispose of your WEEE whether it be a single fridge or a multitude of IT equipment.  Confidential destruction of hard drives and data can also be chosen.
For safe waste removal services in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas, Contact W.A.S. Ltd today. Call us now on 
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