Waste storage containers

W.A.S. Ltd, provide a variety of containers to suit your waste requirements and the specifications of the waste that your company produces. Based in East Anglia, our storage containers are available for businesses across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Contact our team today for more details. 

Intermediate Bulk Container

1000 litre IBC’s for wastes, sealed for liquids or open top, UN approved also available
1 tonne woven fabric bulk bags

205 litre Drums

  • UN approved steel clip top for liquids
  • UN approved steel clip top for solids
  • UN approved steel clip top for aerosols
  • UN approved steel tight head for liquids
  • UN approved plastic tight head for liquids
  • Non UN approved steel clip top for solid wastes


25 litre UN approved plastic jerrican


32 litre UN approved plastic pail and lid

Waste Safes

800 litre steel lockable waste safe

Fluorescent tube storage

4’, 6’ and 8’ specially manufactured heavy duty plastic storage coffins
Do you need a waste storage container in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire? Contact W.A.S. Ltd today. Call us now on 
01502 531 470

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