Waste consultancy

Waste consultancy services

With years of experience in the industry working as both a regulator and within the commercial sector, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional services that guide you through the complex legislation that surrounds the waste industry. For businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, get in touch with W.A.S. Ltd for assistance with your waste requirements.

Waste management permitting and licensing

If you’re a customer using a disposal outlet and wish to understand better the abilities and restrictions, we can guide you through to confirm your compliance or advise of potential issues and improvements.

If you run your own site and need advice and assistance to amend or update your permit or licence we can complete your application, site conditioning plan, risk assessment and working plan. If things aren’t going to plan and you have a dispute with the Environment Agency we can advise you on how to resolve the issue.
Waste management
Waste Assessment and Planning

Waste Assessment and Planning

Waste disposal is an expense that every business sees as a direct hit to the bottom line. W.A.S. Ltd can complete on-site assessments to help manage and reduce your wastes better to achieve compliance and reduce costs. Couple this with our total waste management service, you could receive a one-stop-shop solution providing a simple to use service for all of your wastes combining costs and records in one accessible place.

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Our day to day activities of collecting and disposing of hazardous wastes also requires us to have a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser on board. Our in-house DGSA ensures not only that our movement of dangerous goods are compliant, but we also provide a DGSA service to our customers either on an annual basis or by individual product.
Dangerous Goods Safety
Take advantage of our expert waste consultancy services in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Call us now on 
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