Industrial Services

Industrial waste services

W.A.S. Ltd can solve a multitude of issues that arise from site to site across a broad spectrum of industries. Providing trained personnel to complete confined space works combined with tankering services solves many difficult industrial cleaning operations.  Disposal of the wastes generated are  easily routed to the most appropriate disposal outlet, all arranged by ourselves.

Waste spillage response and prevention

In an ideal world containment and spillage prevention will always be considered. We not only offer professional advice but also supply the products to achieve a compliant and safe workplace.
In those unplanned and frantic events where things go wrong and spills and leaks occur, which can potentially endanger the environment, we can mobilise personnel, equipment and vehicles to clean up spillages.  With experience mopping up split drums to clearing watercourses of 1000’s of litres of spilled fuels, we are on hand to assist and manage in preventing an environmental catastrophe.
Waste spillage response
Contaminated land remediation

Contaminated land remediation

For local developers who encounter issues with potentially contaminated sites, we can assist with soils and ground gas sampling, laboratory analysis and liaise with local authorities to resolve conflicts and achieve positive outcomes to ensure a safe build.
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